January 2022


Farm Store Hours & Farm Tours

 Mondays, Fridays  and Saturdays 9AM to 5PM


Free self guided tours on  all of these days

Free 1/2 hour informational tours at 10AM & 1PM on these days by Sally/Tom (unless store is too busy)


Call to schedule a private one hour tour or the all day “Alpaca Experience” (see our tour page for details)

920-371-0003 – Sally


Farm News


Due dates 2021 

Luxury Line – May 31

Baby Boy – 14#  Born 6/12/21


Midnight Rose – June 1st

Baby Boy – 11# Born 6/14/21


Twinkles – June 21st

Baby Girl = 20.5# Born 7/2/21


Georgette – July 27th

Baby Girl = 15# Born 7/23/21


Lola – September 14th

Baby Girl = 15.5# Born 9/7/21

” Haley”


As always if you have any questions for us feel free to e-mail or call Sally

E-Mail:  sschmidt@sabambaalpaca.com

PH:  920-371-0003