Smith Rock Alpaca Vest


This vest is 93% Alpaca, 7% nylon, knit into a pile fabric (Sherpa style), ideal to keep you cozy warm.

Unisex Sizing Chest Waist
Small 36-38″ 29-30″
Medium 39-41″ 31-33″
Large 42-44″ 34-36″
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The Smith Rock Vest was a long time in the making.  We wanted to create something that the wearer would never be without.  Natural Heather Alpaca knitting into a pile fabric.  Some call it sherpa.  We used Reprieve recycled nylon to knit the fabric together.   This vest is soft to the touch and as always alpaca is thermoregulating.  Meaning, it will keep you at the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold.  Alpaca is naturally hypoallergic, antimicrobial and just a wonderful natural fiber.  The fiber length on the vest is 3/8’s thick and warm just like the alpaca that grew the fiber.  Care is hand wash cold, dry flat.